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Verily, men who surrender unto God, and women who surrender, and men who believe and women who believe, and men who obey and women who obey, and men who speak the truth and women who speak the truth…and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their modesty and women who guard (their modesty), and men who remember God much and women who remember – God hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward.

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You are a modest queen, that knows her true worth by keeping her modest heart secure with shyness.


“Boys with beard and girls with hijab are the best Combination Ever.”


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You only see what I allow you to see now That’s Freedom.


“Jesus Would Be Disappointed. That Those Who Dress Like His Mother (Mary) are being Discriminated against and attacked Physically & Mentally. ”


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Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and be modest.  That is purer for them.  Lo!  God is Aware of what they do.  And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their chests, and not to reveal their adornment


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Be respectful to women, for they are the mothers of Mankind

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